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Sprocket is a toothed wheel whose teeth are engaged with chain roller to transmit rotary motion between two ends along with attached conveyor object. We manufacture Sprockets in cast iron, forged steel, alloy steel, steel casting, SS 304, SS 316 and others material as per customer requirement for Roller as well as Conveyor Chains.


In Sprocket, sprocket teeth are machined with shape & profile according to international standard. KALP ENGINEERING manufactures wide range of regular as well as customized sprocket.


KALP ENGINEERING is generally manufacturing two types of sprockets:

Transmission Chain Sprocket & Conveyor Chain Sprocket


In Transmission Chain Sprocket, sprocket are manufactured from 3/8” pitch to 3” pitch, in Simplex – Duplex – Triplex, in teeth 8 teeth to 150 teeth with plate wheels, one side boss, both side boss & with pilot bore suitable for BS & AS chain depending on the chain pitch.


In Conveyor Chain Sprocket, KALP ENGINEERING manufactures sprocket from special material like: Alloy Steel, Forged Steel, Steel Casting, Cast Iron & etc. Sprockets are also available in Flame-Hardened teeth, with finish bore & key way, split sprocket, welded sprocket and fabricated sprocket & as per customer requirement for every types of conveyor chains.